Rena, Eve, & Cole
Tripaldi Weyr Xidaver Isle Darkling Dawn
Hatchlings Weyrlings Adults
Name: Rena McKinney
Gender: Female
Age: 16

Build: Skinny
Skin: Creamy fair
Hair: Honey blonde, to low back, wavy
Eyes: Light blue

Personality: A bit arrogant and spoiled since she's an only child, but generally very friendly. She's very confident and self-assured; some call her snobbish. She has a bizarre fascination with supernatural things, and is convinced that aliens are watching us from outer space. She can also be somewhat gullible.
Pets: Female Black-Green Leapflit, Anedur
Name: Evelyn Copeland
Nickname: Eve (Ee-vee)
Gender: Female
Age: 16

Build: Average
Skin: Fair with freckles
Hair: Mousy brown, to shoulders, straight
Eyes: Brown

Personality: Calm and patient; she'd have to be, to be best friends with Rena. Very scientific and into facts, she simply has to see something in front of her face before she'll believe it. She's also a bit withdrawn and shy, though she can talk for hours with her friends.
Pets: Female Purple Leapflit, Aloras
Name: Cole Whitley
Gender: Male
Age: 17

Build: Muscular
Skin: Lightly tanned
Hair: Jet-black, to nape of neck, frizzy
Eyes: Black

Personality: Confident and cocksure, with a mischeivous streak a mile wide. He's a bit of a goof and a class clown, but is generally not malicous. He likes being cynical, sarcastic, and morbid.
Pets: Male Teal-Blue Leapflit, Dalliol
Leapflits came from Ryslen!