Turic & Aralei
Turic & Aralei
Twin Moon Dragon Complex Darkling Dawn
Name: Turic
Rank: Drudge
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Family: Orphan, no living relatives

Height: 6'1-Tall
Build: Thin
Skin: Creamy fair
Hair: Platinum blond, to ears, full
Eyes: Blue-Green

Personality: Shy and meek. Always polite, and a hard worker. He's not literate, but would really like to learn to read. Quiet, but very focused and doesn't daydream when he's supposed to be working.
Pets: Brown flit, Raddan
Seiryuu Weyr
Name: Aralei
Rank: House Child
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Family: Two older siblings, two younger

Height: 5'2-Under Average
Build: Average
Skin: Fair with freckles
Hair: Blond, to shoulders, slightly wavy
Eyes: Hazel brown

Personality: Outgoing and friendly, generally kind and cheerfull. Not very polite to someone she doesn't like or respect, but very loyal to those who gain her friendship. Doesn't like to work and often skips out on her chores.
Pets: Copper Husky(M), Saydric
        Bronze Flit, Abendan
Lantir-Setia Island
Copper Husky Saydric
Brown Raddan
Bronze Abendan