Tyreon-Insolent humans!!!!
Darkling Dawn
Shivran Aerd
Wyld Wasteland Hunting Party Result-Tyuan'Assp
Glosch Hunting Party Result-Teset
Xoryn Hunting Party Result-Irile
By the time he was three years old, Tyreon knew what he wanted to do with his life. He would not lounge around, living the easy, pampered life of his family, but neither would he be one of the common people, never traveling more than a few miles from his birthplace. No, he would be a Dragonrider. One of those elite members of society who worked with the gigantic, winged beasts known as dragons, no matter which world you happened to be on. (Unless of course, you were on Planet Icarus, in which case they were known as Draks; but Tyreon was not on Icarus, so it really doesn't matter.)
There were only two problems: One, he would have to find a place where he would fit in with his feathered wings and dark green fur; after all, he was no mere human, but then some places, especially on the Old World, had the nerve to refuse Standing priviliges to any but pure-bred humans. (Or at least somewhat close, which Tyreon was not, so again, it doesn't really matter in the long run.)
The second reason was ultimately more difficult, and would be trickier to solve, and that was that he was roughly the size of a flitter. Tyreon, being a rukel of average size, stood somewhere between one and two feet at the shoulder. Just the right size to perch on someone's shoulder, though Tyreon disdained doing something so...undignified, and avoided it at all costs.
Unless lots of food was involved, of course.
"Here, kitty, kitty." The dark-haired man was saying as the dark green rukel perched on his shoulder and wrapped his black-tufted tail around the man's neck. He smiled as he held out a large slice of fish. The rukel ignored the human's calls, quickly considered squeezing his tail tighter around the man's neck, decided it was too much bother and a waste of food, and purred as he gently took the proffered fish.

To be continued...later.
Name: Tyreon
Species: Rukel
Gender: Male
Age: 3 years (Adult)
Appearance: Dark green fur, with black fur on the mane, muzzle, chest, and belly, and on the tip of the tail. Dark blue-green eyes. Cat-like, about the size of a flitter, with long ears, a long, tufted tail, and feathered wings. Basically, a typical rukel.
Personality: A bit snobbish and spoiled, as all rukels are. He has a short temper, and likes to contradict people. He can be a bit annoying at times, but is generally friendly.
Abilities: He can wheedle his way out of almost anything, and beware of his 'puppy-dog eyes' look. He can also be rather manipulative, and would prefer to let someone else do his fighting for him-not that the need would ever arise, Heaven forbid. But other than crafty words and quick thinking, there's not much he can do to help anyone.
Pets: Tyreon has no pets, because, well...he essentially *is* a pet. However, he is considering bonding a dragon. (Or two, or three...)
Dragons: Striped Black-Red-White Bipedal Teset
              Striped Silver-White Tyuan'Assp
              Talking Female Cream Flitter Irile