Zole & Kevesth
Mythicalae Darkling Dawn
Name: Zole
Rank: Lord's daughter
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Family: Parents are Lord and Lady Holder, two older brothers, four younger siblings.

Description: Zole is a small girl of average height and build. Appearing arrogant most of the time, she has dark jade green eyes and pale skin; her chin-length, flat hair is dark brown, and she wears it in a high bun. Keen-witted and vain, she is short-tempered and loves fighting.
Past: She is the oldest daughter of a Lord Holder, and very spoiled. She showed a mild interest in dragons, but didn't seem to want to be searched. She badgered her father to get her a fire lizard egg, however, though what hatched out of it was certainly not a fire lizard...
Pets: Blue-purple siamese female rukel, Caeseiva
Bonded: Striped Green Kevesth
            Black-Bronze Flitter Tevurh
            White Shimmer Flitter Vani
Name: Kevesth
Gender: Female
Colour: Green [striped]
Size: Small (green-sized)
Dam: Doireannth
Sire: Ciqantath
Abilities:  Fire Breath (3), Poison Majyck (8)
Personality: Quiet and somewhat shy, Kevesth is a very kindly and gentle dragoness with an even temper and lots of patience. She is a little insecure and requires lots of attention and reassurance from her bond and flitter friends.
Name: Vani
Gender: Female
Colour: White [shimmer]
Size: Flitter
Dam: Brightwing
Sire: Kynikos Monos
Abilities:  Talking, Summon Air/Wind Spirit (4)
Personality: Cheerful and friendly, Vani can be a little airheaded at times, but she always means well. She enjoys helping others and is very outgoing.
Name: Tevurh
Gender: Male
Colour: Black-Bronze
Size: Flitter
Dam: Brightwing
Sire: Kynikos Monos
Abilities:  Talking, Rainbow Breath (7)
Personality: Brash and hard-headed, Tevurh has a tendency to think he's always right. However, he can be friendly and is very protective of and loyal to his companions.