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St. Nicola's church

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The mother of God church

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Pentecost church

     Settled with citizens of various nations and members of different religions, Zemun has always been the town of mutual understanding - those churches are the proof of such tolerancy.
     THE ST. NICOLA'S CHURCH in Njegoseva street is the oldest Orthodox church, not only in Zemun, but in whole Belgrade area, too. It was built in baroque style, about 1745 at the spot of previous church. Church belltower, ruined by the fire, was renovated in 1870. Extraordinary valuable iconostasis is painted by Dimitrije Bacevic, and wall pictures and icons in the church are the work of Zivko Petrovic, Zemun's painter from 19th century.
     THE MOTHER OF GOD CHURCH, in Rajaciceva street, was built in  style of postbaroque about 1780. Iconostasis was worked by wood-carver Aksentije Markovic and painter Arsenije Teodorovic, and the church also has some icons and paintings by Zivko Petrovic. This is the largest Orthodox church in Zemun.
     PENTECOST CHURCH, in Svetozara Jovanovica street in the Upper town, was built according to plans of Zemun's constructor Jozef Felber, in 1842. Iconostasis was painted by Zivko Petrovic.

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Church of Blessed Virgin Mary

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Franciscan monestery

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Former Jewish Synagogue

     Catholic CHURCH OF BLESSED VIRGIN MARY was built at the place of former Turkish mosque. After the Austrian forces conquered the town it was altered to the Christian temple. The new church has being built for a long time, and finally finished in 1795. The church was restored at the middle of the 19th century, and than it was definitely formed in the style of empire with some baroque elements. Next to the church there is parish bureau, built in 1787, and the former building of the oldest elementary school in town (founded in 1728), which today, enlarged and completely remodeled is used as township police station.
     At the corner of Svetosavska and Strosmajerova street there is the FRANCISCAN MONESTERY with the church dedicated to St. John Baptist. They were built at the place of older buildings, demaged by the fire, 40 years before.
     Two sacral buildings have lost their original purpose in time. JEWISH SYNAGOGUE, in Rabina Alkalaja Street, was built in style of romantism in 1850, at the place of the older one, from 18th century, and next to it there were also buildings of jewish commune and school. After the second World War, survivor Jews sold the synagogue to Zemun's authorities. This building today has the cultural purpose.

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