City Park

     On the field of former Contumax the little park was marked out in 1880, later developed into the large City park. The park is very well arranged, and here one can see specially marked rare trees. In the park and at the edges of this favorite Zemun's promenade there are some buildings and monuments of great architectonic importance.
     CONTUMAX CHAPELS  built in style of baroque, at onetime have been used for religious purposes of the passengers placed in the quarantine.
     The Orthodox St. Gabriel's church was built by means of famous Zemun's merchant Teodor Apostolovic, in 1768, and the iconostasis was painted by Zemun's artists Dimitrije Bratoglic and Konstantin Lekic in 1830/31. The Monument hatckar, by Armenian author Ruben Nalbandjan, was placed in front of the church in 1993.
     The Catholic St. Roco's church was built by Zemun's constructor Joseph Felber in 1836, on the spot of former chapel from 18th century. Behind the chapels there is the commemorative column, presented in 1933, in the honor of 100th anniversary from the day when well-known French poet Alfons Lamartin stayed in Zemun.
     In the centre of park there also two monument-statue: the "Bombardier", by sculptor Vanja Radaus, and the "Hostage", by sculptor Boris kalin.
ZEMUN'S HIGH SCHOOL take place on the edge of the park. monumental and representative building was built in style of neoromantism in 1879, according to plans of Zagreb's architect Nikola Kolar. The new part of the house was built in style of postsecessionism in 1914/15, and fits right into the old part.

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City park

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Contumax chapels

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High School

    "PINKI" - sport's, culture's and business centre - was built by plans of architect Ivan Antic, in 1974, at the place of former People home (built in 1933). "Pinki" is one of the most important centre for sport and cultural events in town, wit the large and few small halls, swimming pool, galery and with a lot of space for various purposes.

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Sport centre "Pinki"

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