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Norman J. Finkelshteyn

Armour of the Steppes Nomads and related peoples

Armour and warriors of the Silk Road -
By Norman J. Finkelshteyn
An extensive set of illustrated articles. The author examines each type and item of armour with respect to use and historical development.

Drawing by Alexander Lemeshko

Helmet DataBase -
by Dmitry V. Ryaboy
Detailed descriptions and images of surviving helmets used by the cultures covered by the scope of the Red Kaganate.

A set of Khazar Limb Defenses -
Photographs from an exhibit of Khazar period plate Limb Defenses with a Gorelik reconstruction painting of Khazar Warriors.

Bek-Beké Armour -
By Dmitry Rukavishnikov, translated by Dmitry V. Ryaboy
The description of a harness of lamellar armour found in 1948 in Western Kazakhstan.

14th Century Armour from Tana -
By Mikhail I. Petrov, translated by Norman J. Finkelshteyn
A Brigandine torso and limb defense from a Golden Horde city, which may have belonged to an Italian knight.

"Olen-Kolodetz" - A Golden Horde aristocrat's burial ...The Male Burial -
By Dmitriy V. Ryaboy
The described find includes armour, a warrior's belt, bowl, and an axe.

Medieval Russian Armour Workshop in Gomiy -
By S.U. Kainov, translated by Dmitry V. Ryaboy
The find of an Armour workshop in the town of Gomiy (modern Gomel) containing tools, armour and weapon parts.

Icons on Russian Helmets - By Dmitry V. Ryaboy

How to Make a Lamellar Harness - By Norman Finkelshteyn

How to Harden Leather - By Norman Finkelshteyn

A reconstruction of a "Banded" Arm Defense - By Norman Finkelshteyn

More to come !!!

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