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The Red Kaganate is an international, inter-club* association of Reenactors * whose collective goal is to recreate the environment and atmosphere of the epic history of the Turco-Mongol world.
Wave after wave, the Nomads of Asia rode Westwards into Central Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and Eastwards into India and China. Their cultural influence, and at times their Empires covered most of the Medieval World.
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These Nomad tribes, led by their Khans, came together under the leadership of a "Great Khan" -- Kha-Khan or Kagan. The Empires that were thus formed -- polyglot confederacies of Iranian, Uighur, Turkic, and Tatar-Mongol tribes -- were called Kaganates.
The Red Kaganate is intended to present such an Empirial Federation, as reflected in the cultural record left by the historical Kaganates and smaller tribal confederacies.
See Structure of the Red Kaganate for information about the Association - meet some of our members and read our governing documents.

Logo Gifs in English and in Russian. Both just about 2K. Slightly different ones available at The Public Forum

12/17/2003 Resource Links Updated at the New Site
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The Red Kaganate now has our own Domain with far greater capabilities.
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09/12/2003 Resource Links - Medieval Sabers (in "Schlagger weight") are now available from one of the Fencing suppliers!!!
Summer - 2003 Contributions and Donations Page has been set up. HERE.
Games and Military Arts - Armour subsection - A reconstruction of a "Banded" Arm Defense is added.
Public Forum - A Kipchak forum is added.
Spring - 2003 Resource Links - Fencing suppliers are starting to offer curved blades!!! Notations were added to those who have advised me of this. Some of the notes regarding buying of swords were also changed.
Gatherings, Events - New Fieldwork Opportunities in the Don River Basin.
Games and Military Arts - Armour section - photos from an Exhibit of Khazar plate Limb Defenses with a painting of Khazar warriors.
Culture and Folklore - Article added on the possible Sarmatian origin of the warrior women in Russian folk tales.
Clothing and Apearance - Belts Database - Migration of Database completed. A new Magyar belt set was added.
Public Forums - Another Yahoo group added to the Special Projects Forums.
This Updates Section updated. "Update" notices from too long ago are not realy updates anymore are they? If you last checked in before Summer of 2002, you may just want to surf around and see what you find.
Fall - 2002 Games and Military Arts - In the Helmet Database - the wait is over! Finaly, images for the Kovali helmet are added.
The article An Overview of Western Steppes Axes (Hungarian focused) at the Weapons section is updated with illustrations.
Food and related Matters section - added recipe for "Boiled Meat and Broth from the Caucas".
Clothing and Apearance section, Belts Database - a probably Turkic find at Birka added.
Structure of the Red Kaganate Contacts section - Photo up for Sovany Barcsi Janos (Jeff Smith) in Germany.
Resource Links - New Yurt manufacturer added to Dwellings subsection.
Summer - 2002 Public Forum section expanded to include Special Project Forums. If you have a Forum you want included, let me know.
Structure of the Kaganate section - Contact Profiles - another member sent his photo and vitals.
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Inter-Club Association -
The Red Kaganate Web Site is intended as a Resource for all individuals interested in East European and Central and West Asian Medieval History (with a focus towards practical reenactment of the same).
The Red Kaganate Association functions as a sub-group within those Reenactment clubs that permit this (as, for example, a Household in the SCA), its members united in the shared interests espoused by "The Red Kaganate" and following the rules and goals of "The Red Kaganate".
The Red Kaganate Association finally functions as an independent Reenactment club, holding its own events according to its own rules and regulations.
See Structure of the Red Kaganate for further information.

Historical Reenactment, Historical Recreation, Living History -
Attempts have been made in the past to distinguish these three terms as applicable to groups with varying styles of achieving a modern, play acted, version of an earlier historical time, place, and event.
Personally, I am unconvinced that there are inherent differences in description that are communicated by one term over another. I will, therefore, use the three terms interchangeably.

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