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Norman J. Finkelshteyn

Games and Military Arts
This section includes materials on culturaly relevant Armour, Weapons, Martial Arts, and Games (as they are often extensions of military training).
Materials included are pure historical research as well as modern reconstruction and reenactment related.
Rules for Martial Activities in the Red Kaganate -
Issues of safety and techicalities necessary to conducting Martial Activities by The Red Kaganate as an independant group (including such specifics as varieties of contests, types of weapons to be used, armour safety requirements, targeting and blow calibration, and so forth).
Should be read in conjunction with the general Structure document.

ARMOUR - An extensive and expanding set of materials

Helmet DataBase -
Detailed descriptions and images of surviving helmets used by the cultures covered by the scope of the Red Kaganate.

WEAPONS AND COMBAT - An extensive and expanding set of materials


Archery and the Nomad - An overview of the Central Asian bow and its role in Society.


Buzkashi - A traditional Combat Game from the Central Asian Steppes.

Chambering in Canne du Combat as potential safety standard for so-called “early period” weapons sparring. - Proposal for the use of "la Canne du Combat" as a model for unarmoured (or lightly armoured) combat with more than just swords.

More to come !!!

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