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Bicolano Alliance

Al-Khobar –To further unite all Bicolanos in Saudi Arabia, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between Bicol Saro nin Riyadh, represented by its President Danny Encinas and United Bicolanos of Eastern Region represented by George Palencia – President, in a small gathering in Al Qatif Dammam KSA.


The Agreement was signed last February.

During the said occasion, the two presidents were given authority by their respective board of directors to sign the memorandum due to the clamor of the Bicolanos to have a united Bicol organization throughout the Kingdom. The actual plan was a tripartite agreement of Bicol Groups in Central, Eastern and Western Regions. “We brought this matter to the officers of Bicol Saro nin Jeddah, and they have shown interest, but due to the strategic locations and insufficient time, we decided to defer their involvement until we finalized everything”, Danny Encinas said.

Among the issues agreed by both organizations were:

1. Consultation with each other on issues affecting the Bicolanos and come up with unified and solid actions that represent the desires and aspirations of their members.

2. Carrying out of activities and tasks jointly for the fulfillment of the common goals and objectives.

3. Coordination, involvement and integration of programs, projects and other related activities.

4. Cooperation towards the promotion and protection of the rights and interests of Bicolanos and their families.

5. Integration of memberships for both organizations.

6. Fostering harmonious and closer relation with other OFW community organizations.

7. Upholding loyalty and support to Ex-Senator Raul Roco and other Bicolanos running for public offices in 2004.

“Until such time that the Bicol Saro nin Jeddah shall give us their notice to be involved in our good cause, we shall expand this MoU to accommodate their involvement”, G. Palencia added.

Apart from Palencia, the other officers of UB are: Joel Villagarcia, Executive Vice President; Teddy Furio, Vice-President; Abelardo Regalado, Secretary; Alex Antiquerra, Asst. Secretary; Danilo Sumalabe, Treasurer; Malu Gacosta, Asst. Treasurer; Roque Millete, Auditor; George Salomon, Asst. Auditor; Carlos Calinog, Business Manager; Bernie Fabricante, Asst. Business Manager; Alberto Martinez, PRO; Nenita Relatores, Asst. PRO; Larry Barra and Alfredo Marantal, Directors; Murry Demdam, Boy Relatores and Omar Flordeliz, Advisers; Bernie Fabricante, C. Norte rep; Boy Relatores, Cam. Sur rep; Abe Regalado,Albay rep; Teddy Furio, Sorsogon rep.and Tony dela Rosa, Masbate rep.


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