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By: Don Jose Fuentebella


THe not so good news is that Erap para mahirap is hirap na hirap na even on paper. Erap's alter ego in Bicol Region ay di pa rin convincing in his acting performance. That's what we get for giving Erap a 10 to 1 voting margin for Sen. Raul Roco. Sabi ngani magdusa ka sa kaoragan mo.

The really good news is that we have again a daily newspaper and now this monthly news feature magazine. A sign the new millenium to start on January 1, 2001 is awaiting its time with impatience and optimism. Talagang oragon na, pan di orag pa. Puwedeng puwede pa come hell or high oil pressures.

But the more important point is to put our house in order, on the level, at peace in our hearts and with our fellow creatures and with the rest of the world under the blessing of the Supreme Being. Hallelujah!

Should we legalize our favorite pastime-PUSOY este JUETENG? Ever since I have been in favor and endorsing its legalization. It's time we do it and right now so that everybody would be happy even in his unhappiness and the local government units would not be depending so much on IRA, local autonomy would sooner become a reality on paper and INDEED.


There would be lesser kotong cops, and presidential suspects, and moonlighting politicos, etc. and no more libel suits. By the way, these libel suits only incites the truth to come out openly about the gambling lord who are of public knowledge. My advice is for them to drop dead este to drop their suits and just ignore those noisy media troublemasters. How about prostitution? Yes, this one we cannot just ignore like abogados and medicos who ignore their oath KNOWINGLY and INTENTIONALLY.

I liked former Secretary Cuevas of Justice. He looked tired and retired but was a good actor short of doing justice to his job. A truly amusing entertainer. He reversed Erap but lost Lucio Tan BIR case in court.  Again he lost the extradition of Jimenez. He should had taken the Manero mess and pardon or parole himself by resigning (before he was unceremonously kicked out)and give way for capable competent Justice Secretary. He was a man of delicadeza and should had relieved Erap of further embarrassment in like manner that he relieved his son from prosecution by going all the way to the apprehending policemen and no more case pronto.

IN FACTO. The accusation that money rolled in the inclusion of Abogada Fanny Obias in the Jake Tria murder case by Justice Cuevas must be investigated. The integrated BAR, very silent through the years on important national and local issues, has this opportunity to redeem itself by helping Obias in ferreting out the truth. Our lawyers are not talking, our judges are not talking, our fiscals are not talking because silence is golden? In fact this is the time for lawyers to help Erap improve the administration of justice by exposing judges and fiscals on the wrong side of the fence but are in position because of right connections. Think, talk and act which lawyers have a plenty but scared or paralyzed to utilize. We should not be ignoring the entry of judges and fiscals who are openly living with their other women and are favored to stay forever in position. IBP is blind or deaf or both? Perhaps Gov. Luis Villafuerte could help as Chief Justice Davide, as I am informed, is his classmate and fellow seeker of right, also former Secretary Cuevas his professor. Or General Ping Lacson making a repeat of Judge Amor entrapment; in Naga City alone a number are loveless and hopeless but are untouchable.

OMNIBUS. This is for all of us I presume. The cooperative way is the best way for us who are always short of credit and cash. But our common resources should not be treated like pork barrel of coop directors and officials and political padrinos. Our more competent lawyers could initiate legal actions against these abusive and incompetent coop directors and officials. A class suit for us consumers. Also against politicians, mayors, congressmen, etc. who misspent public fund for engraving their names in school buildings, bridges, public buildings, waiting sheds, welcome structures, etc. But do we have such who have balls? Secretary Alfredo Lim has a point in his paint spraying campaign against drug users and pushers. But to equalize other illegal users and protectors should be included in his painting spree. How about sugar and rice smugglers who are well known but untouched? Gambling lords or protectors with right connections? Sex maniacs in DECS, SOP percenters in DPWH, labor dealers in DOLE, landgrabbers in DAR?

Judges and fiscals openly living with their other women? One is known to have filed a petition for declaration of his living first wife as dead and the
hearing judge knows it but simply remained silent? Is the Supreme Court unaware of this inaction or case? More next time....






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