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Well, I realized that this page hasn't been updated in a while, so I figured it was high time.  Sorry I don't get to it much, I started in the summer before I went to my freshman year in high school (it was later changed around and started from scratch and made surfable, hence the date with the counter ), and I'm now a very busy junior. Please bear with me.  
   Jeff Timmons is the founding member of this Ohio-based foursome, 98 Degrees, which also includes Justin Jeffre, and brothers Nick and Drew Lachey.  Not to be confused with other such "boy bands," harmony-driven 98 Degrees has no teen members.  Youngest member, Drew Lachey, 24, is older (now and when the group started)  then the youngest teen heartthrob of the Backstreet Boys, Nick Carter, and N*Sync's Justin Timberlake, who were both 14 when debut albums were recorded. They also have a entirely different sound, and feature a soulful array of songs, including remakes of a Michael Jackson song and a duet with Stevie Wonder.   No wonder these guys don't like being classified as one-hit teen wonders!
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98 Degrees has released four albums, (98 Degrees, 98 Degrees and Rising, 98 Degrees...This Christmas, and Revelation), Seven Singles (Invisable Man, Because of you, The Hardest Thing, I Do [Cherish you], This Gift, Give Me Just One Night [Una Noche], and My Everything), a Home Video 'Heat it up", and successfully toured twice, once with the All That Tour, once as them selves...Heat It Up.  They recently began touring for the Revelation tour, with open groups Dream, Debelah Morgan, and the Baha Men.
98 Degrees in currently promoting their newest album, Revelation, which was released in September.  Their latest hit is "My Everything," which has hit airwaves everywhere.   They have launched a spectacular tour, complete with a graffiti-laden cat walk and flame and spark thrower.  Coming to an arena near you! Don't forget to vote for your favorite guys on TRL!
'I got it all.  I got it all. Watch me go (woo hoo hoo!)"
'Where in this world can she be?  Where in this world can she be?"
"I am so tired after that show.  That was such a hard show for us."
"(I fear that) People think that fame has changed me as a person."
"We were singing on stage dressed in overalls. Suddenly the clip on mine came off and they just fell down. I went redder then you can imagine."
"I had a girlfriend when the band started up, but once we went on tour, she finished up with me. I was pretty upset because I thought she'd stand by me."
"Heaven's Missing an Angel (is my favorite song), because it's the most powerful and emotional song of ours. It has strong meaning and lyrical content. It also holds a special place in my heart because my grandmother passed away the day we recorded it."
"When I listen to the album, I get a sense of excitements."
"Treat people how you want to be treated."
"I like a girl with a sense of humor who is relaxed and easygoing."
"We're all very grounded guys, we all have a spiritual background. We have the proper perspective. We know as easily as it comes, it can easily be taken away. You should enjoy it while you have it."
"If you can feel what we feel when we're singing, then that's the greatest thing."
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     98 Degrees
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     Revelation NEW!!
New!  "Who sings that part?"  Find out who sings what part of your favorite song!  Listed in the lyrics. 
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