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Almost anyone who knows me on the internet knows me as Hermione Lucky. I    have had a website for over a year now, which has become very popular for an website. I am currently in the process of moving that page onto this  website. I will eventually have many more links also, but for right now my           primary goal is to get over 100 pages onto geocities (and I can't use   copy and paste on here, so that's a nightmare.)  I have the HOL Summer Camp   page up here too, but that's only for HOLers, so is the talent show.

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         Hermione Lucky
Hermione Lucky is a fictional character. I origanially made her up for HOL but she has become a character I use on everything from the internet to just nicknames.
        She is curently a second year Slytherin at HOL. She is extremely ambitious and creative. She enjoys Astronomy, Quidditch, and Magical Musicology, as well as Arthmancy. She grew up in the countryside of Scotland and loves school work.
        Oh, and did I mention she is a death eater with a sense of humor?
        Hermione Lucky reflects me very much. I too, would be a Slytherin, and I am very ambitious. I also don't mind schoolwork, especially not large essays (I love writing). As it's softball season right now I am playing softball. And I am very much obsesed with Harry Potter!
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