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Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbing, Ascending mountains most commonly as a recreational activity.Mountain climbing is popular worldwide, wherever hills rise enough to provide challenge. The activity's rewards include the physical exertion it requires, the satisfaction of overcoming difficulties by working with others, the thrill of reaching a summit, and the unobstructed view from the mountaintop. Exploration and research are other reasons that  people climb mountains.

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The style of mountaineering under which these basic climbing techniques developed is called alpinism, or alpine climbing, and this style encompasses much of the equipment, technique, and safety precautions that form the basis for ice climbing and rock climbing.   

 Be a Member and experience the Adventure

Be a member of the KMG Mountaineering Group and experience the  thrill of adventure and the joy of helping other people.

Click here to view the basic requirements to be a member. New trainees will undergo orientations, training climbs and lectures as prescribed by the organization. If you are interested, you can e-mail us now or call/text us at 0917-8540532


 Outreach projects

  • Habitat for Humanity Build a Home(Done)

  • Bahay Ampunan gift giving (Done)

  • Coastal Clean up (Done)

  • Information campaign thru publication at Polilio Island

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Map is the representation of a geographic area, usually a portion of the earth's surface, drawn or printed on a flat surface. In most instances a map is a diagrammatic rather than a pictorial representation of the terrain; it usually contains a number of generally accepted symbols, which indicate the various natural, artificial, or cultural, features of the area it covers.

Hypothermia occurs when the body becomes too chilled to generate enough warmth for vital organs. Most campers understand that hypothermia is a danger during cold weather, but it also can occur when temperatures rise well above freezing. Most cases occur when the outside temperature is between 7 and 10 C (45 and 50 F).   

Avoiding hypothermia         Dehydration                                   Altitude sickness

Si Pedro at ang mataas sa lupa..

Mountaineering 1953 Conquest of Everest

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