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Karamo Basenjis Australia


Karamo is a blessing used by the Nyanga people meaning life force


We are Tony and Cathryn Curnick and we live on a rural property near the West Coast of Victoria, famed for its surf beaches and the Great Ocean Road.

We obtained our first basenji, Bernie, in 1988 and became instant Basenji devotees. Bernie was loved by everyone she met but, sadly, escaped while visiting friends and was killed by a car when she was 3, breaking our hearts. The 4 months we waited until we could pick up our 2 new pups were very long!

Our next 2 basenjis were brother and sister Addis (Helios Fleetfire) and Rafiki (Ch Helios Bonfire). Rafiki became our foundation bitch & she will be 19 in July 2009.

In 1997 we took up dog showing. We have also dabbled in agility and tracking.

We now have several basenjis, all red and whites, except for 1 brindle. They are all loved companions who live in the house, sleep in the beds and enjoy long off-leash walks on a basenji-safe beach.

We only breed very occasionally, our next litter is planned for 2009.
Email us if you would like any further information about this litter.




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