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Jasminko Karanjac, PhD

Hydrogeologist, Modeling Specialist, Professor, and co-author of GWW software (Ground Water for Windows)
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Currently in Belgrade, Serbia. Telephone (mobile) +381-64-3110304. Land phone: +381-11-2163983.

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Prof. and his students at UWI, Jamaica
Having completed his tenure as Professor (Chair) of Water Resources Management at the University of the West Indies, Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences, Mona, Kingston, Jamaica, and more recently (November 2007) the EU/CBC/PHARE project between Bulgaria and Romania in which he acted as Team Leader, Dr. Karanjac is available for consulting, lecturing short courses, or short-term contract employment.

Link to Example of Interactive Ground Water Data Processing and Presentation. Case study: Transboundary Groundwater between Bulgaria and Romania in Dobrudja.
Link to GWIS of Rio Minho Basin, Jamaica
Link to GWIS of Black River Basin, Jamaica
Link to my GWW software home page
Link to my resume (CV) and to papers on modeling and information systems recently established or written by J.Karanjac
Link to Water Resources of the Caribbean, a CD created by Karanjac with assistance of his students
Link to the GWW site for downloading. Notice that the major executable file, GWWA.EXE, is not uploaded to this site. You must obtain the missing file from the software co-author, owner of this site against prepayment for technical support and training by e-mail.
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