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Welcome to Inspiring Wave

Welcome to Inspiring Wave; the fanlisting to Karen of the website Lonely Tides.


Last Updated: January 21st, 2008
Total # of members: 11


January 21st, 2008
WOW! It has been a million light years hasn't it! So sorry but I started college & it has been unbeilevaly hard! >.< Welcome (finally!) to Inspiring Wave version 3: Guyish Charm, from Ouran High School Host Club, a manga Karen-chan personally got my hooked on. =) It took me FOREVER to make! =( I hope you like it though. Also added a new member...please welcome Kathy! =D I promise to update more often when I can. Please continue to support Karen

Jumy 15th, 2007
Hey minna-san. The sweet Ami has donated 3 lovely 100x50 link buttons to the fanlisting! Thanks so much. Also, thank you for supporting Karen-chan everyone. Please continue to show your love.

June 10th, 2007
Hi everyone. Now we have 10 members! Welcome our newest member, Ami! You guys are all so wonderful. Thanks & continue to support Karen-chan.

May 18th, 2007
Hey minna-san. I added another member: Vismaya! :D Let's welcome her. Now we have 9! W00T!!! =D Thanks for supporting Karen-chan!

April 24th, 2007
I'm SO sorry for not updating, been busy with my second semester of school plus college & graduating stuff. I added a new memeber: Miyumi!!! Welcome her please. Thanks for supporting Karen-chan

January 28th, 2007
Sorry it's been ages guys. School is nuts! >.< Updated Karen-chan's profile & Site profile. I'll change the layout once I get my PHP X I got for Christmas set up. Thanks so much for supporting Karen-chan! =D

December 22nd
Hey all. Sorry for not updating. Wanted to say Happy Hoildays! =D Thanks for supporting Karen-chan & the site.

December 4th
HAPPY LATE 19TH BIRTHDAY TO MY DARLING KAREN-CHAN!!!...=D We love you so much! ^_^

November 5th
Added 3 codes donated by Thao-kun =D. I'll change the layout soon.

October 30th
Sorry for the long delay. I added a new member: Thao-Kun! ^^ Will add more soon, promise!

Septmeber 24th
Added a new member: Choco Tears! ^.^

September 21st
Added a new member: Miki! ^_^ Also, changed the rules a little.

September 17th
Added a new member: Jordana! ^^

September 12th
Sorry for not updating much. Changed the layout & added version 1 to the Site info page. Added new affy.

August 17th
Added 4 new codes made by Jordana. Thanks so much! :)

August 11th
Added a new member: Serena! ^_^

August 1st, 2006.
Got accepted by thefanlistings.org! ^.^ Also, added a new affy & a new link!

July 26th, 2006
Added new member: Jess! ^^

July 25th
Karen-chan added fanlisting to site. Changed format of Join page & Rules page. Added an affy/link us page.

July 23rd, 2006
Moved fanlisting to oocities.com & added 2 codes

July 16th, 2006
Started fanlisting.

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