Karin Reiss :: Wooden Quilts

I have been creating and designing in wood since 1990, making intarsia, the 16th century wood inlay technique, into an art form of its own. The historical perspective of the art has a new twist.

My primary focus is working with large 3-dimensional wood inlay, vibrantly coloured and of various infinite forms, from harlequins to real life replications, and functional furnishings.

I have no limitations; I am eclectic by nature. I am challenged to invent and develop my own technique and trust that in the end I am able to convey the emotion to the viewer.

I find inspiration in my surroundings, from the whimsical to the serious. I use the wood to express my feelings and as an attempt to create an atmosphere that will linger with the viewer.

I take pleasure in each stage of the process, from design, cutting and placement of the pieces of the wood, to the carving, staining and finishing touches.