sweet katana's page

Hi I'm Brandy
aka sweet katana or MacLeod,
all are my nicknames

A little bit about me?
sweet katana is my chatting name.
MacLeod is because I collect swords and am a Highlander fan.
The nickname of MacLeod was given to me.

i live in Southern California, i have 1 cat and 1 dog.

I enjoy South Park, Beatles (together & separate) music, Motown, Cartoons, reading Sword & Sorcery and Fantasy books, Russell Crowe, Austin Powers I & II (movie), The Three and Four Musketeers (movies made in the 1970's w/Michael York, Oliver Reed, Frank Finley & Richard Chamberlain).....

My interests are:

click here for
a great poem

Please come back soon and visit me.

I killed kenny, ha ha ha