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Ok, so now I am going to say this, if you ask a question in the guestbook then I shall answer it in the guest book, or in this column. ^_^ ok, so now I am really happy because my site is finally letting me change things! *yay! everbody celebrate!*  There isn't much news, except that I went to see the incredibles and it is really funny! But I wish it didn't swear...  ~11-27-04~
If you have a request for a picture gallery to be put up , please
e-mail me.Or sign my guest book you do not have to say who you are or publicly advertise your address, I would just like a nickname that doesn't even have to be yours in there so that I can refer to that name once I have it done. thanks! ^_~

most of the pictures that I have are from one of the best websites for free anime pics!
About me page
Greetings everyone!I Love drawing manga in my own style. I'm presently scanning more of my artwork onto my site. My older sister is very much better than me though. Maybe when I scan on my artwork I can also scan on pics that my sister did....more picture galleries are soon to be on this site.... please sign my guest book before leaving ,^_~ have fun looking!!!
Ps. This site is
always under construction. So keep cheking in. (updates to this site will be posted below the picture of Sakura.)
my fave links
JUST CLICK ON THE words.....
Fruits Basket (above)
Marmalade Boy
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
Angelic Layer
Full Moon wa Sagashite
Rurouni Kenshin
Magic Knight Rayearth
Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar Fruits Basket
Tokyo underground
DN Angel
Cardcaptor Sakura
Kingdom Hearts
Angelic Layer (below)
King of Bandit Jing
Cardcaptor Sakura(above)
Recent updates:
* fixed the .hack/sign link
*changed the news column
*added this text to keep you up to date
*am going to put summaries about the animes on the pages
*am going to add a DNA[ngel] page