Native Americans  

Mitakyue Oyasin
(We are all relations)

 Still Proud
On the crest of the hill they stand.
The proud and noble Red Man.
So called civilization down below.
When it came, they had to go!
A blanket for their arrows,
hard shoes for their feet.
After all was said and done,
there was little left to eat.
The buffalo that had gave them life,
so senselessly slaughtered through hate and strife.
Mother Earth that had met their every need,
snatched away by unkept promises, lies and greed.
No longer free to roam abound.
The people lost their sacred ground.
Even their native tongue was to cease.
They had to give all for the white man's peace.
So many paid the ultimate price.
Their homes, their ways, their very lives.
Yet on the crest of the hill they stand,
Still Proud! Still Noble! Still the Red Man!
author unknown

So much prejudice exists today. There are those prejudice against the black man and yell at them to go back where they came from. I'm sure the Red Man would love to yell that to the White Man. The White man came to this country to be free to practice religion. The Red Man greeted us and taught us the ways of the land of this new world. We repaid them by stealing their land, persecuting them for their beliefs, and then pushing them onto small reservations. We thought we were "saving" them from their heathen ways when in reality, they shared the same beliefs. But our ignorance of their language and ways, made us want to either make them like us or exterminate them.  Long before Hitler tried to commit genocide on a whole race of people, we tried it on the Native Americans.  We would make treaties with them which only consisted of lies for we would be the first to break them if it suited our purpose. I wonder how our country would fair today in the world's eyes if we tried doing that today which we did long ago.  I think the important lesson we all should learn from the mistakes of our fore-fathers is to try to understand people who's beliefs are different than ours. We might find that they are really similar.  We were all created by one God and he did not make one color to be more superior than another.  We can learn from each other as each has alot to offer. The Native Americans, and other Indigenous tribes such as the Aborigines, Maori's, etc  knew how to respect the Earth, for she is what nourished them. We have forgotten this. Yes, we are more aware of pollution, recycling than we were before; but is it enough? To say yes I know about it but not to do anything is a grave mistake. We all live on the same planet and everything effects us. If we destroy it, we have destroyed our own lives for the Earth gives us life with it's water, trees, animals, minerals, and earth. Without them, we have no shelter, food, clothing, or medicine.  I think it's time we try to learn from each other and see how much alike we are for we really do need each other. We are all part of the web of life, woven together and what effects one, will effect the others.

Many Native Americans believe the "Age of Purification" is near. We are nearing a new millennium and it has meaning for people all over the world. This is a time to get back in touch with ourselves and try to right the wrongs we have done to our home, "Earth". This is also a time to rediscover our spiritual paths. I hope you will continue on your path on discovering the spirit within you.


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