Katimavik and the C.C.C.


Our group leader in Niagara Falls was GailWe had a great house on Lundy's LaneThe old Kat VanSome people I worked with at the Thorald Senior CenterDaniel was our group leader in MontrealOur house in MontrealThe Group

C.C.C. headquarters

Placer Energy Center entrance




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The California Kat group

Me in uniform


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Barstow CaliforniaP. E. C.  Gazebo and LibraryOur sleeping quarters at P.E.C.The work shops at P.E.C.







Senator Jacques Hebert and Myself.

This picture was taken at a party on Parliament Hill that was thrown for many of the groups that participated in the clean-up of the St. Lawrence River.

Thank You Mr Hebert for bringing the Katimavik program to life.

The background of this picture was added to enhance the photo.

There will be more to come when I have the time. Click here for the best alumni info on the web.

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What an honour