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This Webpage like the the Alumni Association is just getting started. If anyone with knowledge of HTML can help me out please Email me at KatimaJ@yahoo.ca

Thank You Again to Chris Janusitis for putting the the following so well into words
Here are my thoughts:
1 - Organizing Alumni activities in the sense of letting people together at one location will be next to impossible, not to mention time consuming on the committees part. Having annual meeting with the
different provincial chapters might work with the occasional country wide meeting.
2 - Alumni activities or programs that the committee plans or organizes should be such that it can be easily administered by e-mail or websites.
3 - In order to compile the list of people who belong to the Alumni, we can create a form which can be filled out via e-mail or posted on a website.

Here are some ideas that the Alumni committee could provide:
1 - People search: help individuals locate former participants and establish a data base so the former group has the ability to contact one
and other if desired.
2 - Group Leader search: help individuals locate GLs, as above.
3 - Program support: If Katimavik needs political help (as in year 10 when they canceled the program), the Alumni association/committee could lobby and show support and the importance of keeping the program. The Alumni could also lobby to increase private and government support to increase funding etc.
4 - Create a newsletter of current happenings, and perhaps a look back over the years, or highlight some former parts. who have gone on to great things. Again, this could be done via e-mail and web sites.
5 - Provide guests speakers to high schools to let the students know about the program, what to expect etc. Promotion of the program and recruitment.
6- -Create a system for less fortunate people who would love to go on Katimavik but lack the support or money to buy the necessary equipment etc. We could provide a "kit"; one sleeping bag, one pair of work boots, some clothing etc. We would also have to create a mission statement that everyone can agree on. I think if we create an Alumni Association, we could get a lot of support from our local politicians and Katimavik itself.

Those or my thoughts anyway. Any comments?

Anyone interested in joining the Alumni Association and recieving an invitation to the Alumni Yahoo Club PLEASE Email or Land Mail me the following:

Your Name & Any Previous Names
Mailing address
Phone Number
Year and places of rotation
Email Address

When I have recieved this information I will forward you and invitation to the Alumni Yahoo Club

Thank You,
J Elder
244 Dovely Pl S.E.
Calgary, AB
T2B 2K6