Katje's Movie World
This site was created on July 5th by Chris Katje. I am adding information on as many movies as possible over the next couple of months. I do not have a search box yet, so if there is a movie you are looking for, please click on the starting letter page link. Thank You.
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Newly Added (Chris's Rating):

The Godfather (10)

The Godfather Part II (10)

Full Metal Jacket (9.5)

Platoon (9.5)

Paths of Glory (9)

The Outsiders


Tommy Boy (9)

The Godfather Part III (8.5)

Hardball (8)

Rocky IV (8)

The French Connection (7.5)

Rocky II (7.5)

Rocky III (7.5)

The Sum Of All Fears (7)
Rating Guide:

10: Perfect (A Movie Classic)
9: Highly Recommended (One to Have)
8: Watch more than once
7. Worth seeing maybe twice
6: worth renting
5: not worth the time
1-4: don't bother