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The Godfather
175 Minutes
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Rated R for language, mob violence and brief nudity
The Godfather
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Directed by: Francis Ford Coppola

Marlon Brando
Al Pacino
James Caan
Robert Duvall
Diane Keaton
Talia Shire

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Screenplay by: Mario Puzo
                       Francis Ford Coppola
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An unlikely mob son Michael (Pacino) gets involved in his family business after his father is shot at and his family tears apart.

Michael's father Vito (Brando) is the most powerful leader in the New York mob world. He is the enemy of other families. The other families come after him with all their might.

Check out my complete plot summary which includes spoilers.
Academy Awards-1972

Best Picture
Best Screenplay from Other Material
Best Actor-Marlon Brando (who refused the award)
Chris's Rating (of 10): 10
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Academy Award Nominations-1972

Best Director
Best Editing
Best Costume Design
Best Sound
Best Supporting Actor-James Caan
Best Supporting Actor-Al Pacino
Best Supporting Actor-Robert Duvall
Box Office (7/8/03)

US Opening Weekend: $454,000
Reissue Open (March 23, 97): $229,932
US Gross (1972): $81,500,000
US Gross Total (after 1997): $134,821,952
Rentals: $86,691,000
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