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The Godfather Part II
Rated R for language and violence

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200 Minutes
The Godfather: Part II
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Directed by: Francis Ford Coppola

Screenplay by: Mario Puzo
                      Francis Ford Coppola

Starring: Al Pacino
             Robert Duvall
             Diane Keaton
             Robert De Niro
             Talia Shire
             Morgana King
             John Cazale
             Mariana Hill
             Lee Strasberg

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   The Godfather Part II is the sequel to the very successful family mob drama The Godfather. This movie features many of the same stars from the first Godfather.
    There are two overlapping plots going on in this movie at the same time. One features Michael (Pacino) in the present time making moves for the family and testifying in court, denying all that happened in the first movie.
    The second plot involves a young Vito Corleone (De Niro) moving from Corleone to New York City by boat with thousands of other immigrants. He grows up in a neighborhood where one man controls everyone else. Vito does not understand this and takes a stand against this man and becomes a hero.
    Read the
Complete Plot Summary for more. I rate this movie a perfect 10, just like the first one. It is hard to say which one is better, because this sequel is really like a continuation from the first movie and better explains the history of Vito.
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Box Office:

US Gross: $57,673,000
US Rentals: $30,673,000
Academy Awards-1975

Best Supporting Actor-Robert De Niro
Best Art Direction
Best Director
Best Music Score
Best Picture (only sequel to ever win)
Best Writing based on previous material

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Academy Award Nominations-1975

Best Actor-Al Pacino
Best Costume Design
Best Supporting Actor-Michael Gazzo
Best Supporting Actress-Talia Shire
Best Costume Design