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The Godfatehr Part III
Rated R for language, violence, and brief nudity. See Rating Content
170 Minutes
Directed by: Francis Ford Coppola
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Starring:  Al Pacino
              Diane Keaton
              Talia Shire
              Andy Garcia
              Sofia Coppola
              Bridget Fonda
              Eli Wallach
              Joe Mantegna
              George Hamilton
              Franc D'Ambrosio
              Richard Bright
              Al Martino
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   The Godfather Part III is the last chapter in the trilogy of the Corleone mob family. The movie was released in 1990, nearly a 20 year gap since The Godfather Part II.
    This third movie centers around the character and true feelings of Michael Corleone. The movie also introduces a new character, Vincent (Garcia). Vincent is the son of Sonny.
    The movie is well directed (Coppola), and has strong performances by many of the characters in the movie.
    Check out the
Plot Summary for a detailed account of what happens, and the movie quotes for interesting and famous quotes from the movie.

    I rate the movie and 8.5. It is not quite strong enough for a high 9 mark. The movie has a tough time living up to the rank of the first two. It is not likely though that any sequel in a 20 year gap could capture this task. Vote here and let me know what you think.
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Academy Award Nominations-1991

Best Supporting Actor-Andy Garcia
Best Art Direction
Best Cinematography
Best Director
Best Film Editing
Best Song- "Promise Me You'll Remember"
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