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The Godfather Part II Plot Summary
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   The sequel to the original Godfather leads off where the first ended, a man kissing Don Michael Corleone's hand and admiring him as the new godfather.
    The movie then flashes back to 1901. Vito Corleone was born Vito Andolini in the city of Corleone, in Sicily. His father was murdered for insulting the local mafia chieftan. This first scene shows Vito, 9 years old, with his mother in the funeral procession. Vito's brothe Paolo is shot during the procession.
    Vito's mother goes to see Don Ciccio to beg for Vito's safety. He says no because he is worried of Vito in the future. Vito's mother is shot but Vito gets away.
    Vito hops a boat with hundreds of other immigrants headed to Ellis Island. The Statue of Liberty, symbolizing freedom, is gazed upon by the immigrants in awe. Vito is given the last name Corleone by the Custom Officials after his birth city.
    Anthony Vito Corleone, Vito's grandson and Michael's son, participates in his first communion. A celebration afterwards takes place at the Corleone residence in Lake Tahoe.
    Michael meets with people requesting favors, like his father used to do. Connie asks for money and says that she is marrying Merle. Michael tells her that marrying Merle is out of the question. Frankie Pentangeli comes to see Michael, complaining about Hyman Roth.
    Michael talks to Tom, saying he only trusts him and calls him a brother. This is after two men shoot into Michael and Kay's bedroom.    
    Vito and Mama Corleone are seen for the first time with a kid (Sonny). Vito attends a play with his friend Genco. He first sees Don Fanucci, who is the man in charge of the neighborhood. Vito is later fired from the store he worked in, just to be replaced by Fanucci's nephew.
    Vito meets Clemenza for the first time, by hiding weapons for his future friend. Clemenza in return gives Vito a rug from a friend for doing this favor.
    Michael goes to meet with Hyman Roth. They talk about the future and what to do with Pentangeli. While they are talking the USC-Notre Dame football game is on, which is a great rivalry, just like Hyman and Michael.
    Michael goes to Cuba with Hyman Roth, and other American industrialists. These friends of Hyman celebrate his birthday. Mr. Roth announces that when he dies or retires, all his interests go to Michael.
    Johnny Ola, who got Fredo to betray Michael, is killed. Hyman Roth is attempted to be killed by Michael's bodyguard but is not and instead the bodyguard is killed. Michael tells Fredo during a celebration that he knows he betrayed him.
Cuba is then taken over by revolutionists.
    Tom tells Michael that Kay had a miscarriage and that he didn't know it was a boy or girl.
    Don Fanucci tells Vito that he wants to wet his beak a little as he hops aboard Vito's car. He demands respect and money from Vito, Clemenza, and Tessio. The three discuss about paying him, and Vito says that he'll make him an offer he can't refuse. Vito gives Fanucci $100 instead of $600. Fanucci is suprised and lets it go. Vito follows Fanucci home and shoots him three times. (heart, head, and mouth)
    Michael comes home and sees his son's little red car (birthday present to him) and sees Kay sewing.
    Willi Cicci testifies against Michal.
    Vito gets fruit for free at the market. He then talks to a lady who has problems with her landlord over a dog. Vito talks to the landlord and tells him the dog stays. The landlord says no but comes back later returning Vito's money and lowering the rent price.
    Michael attends hearings and reads a statement claiming his innocence. He then talks to Fredo and denounces him. (See Quotes)
    Frankie Pentangeli writes a sworn statement about Michael. he then denies these statements while seeing his brother in court.
    Kay tells Michael that she is leaving and taking the kids with her. Michael tells her there is no chance of this happening.
    Vito goes to see Don Ciccio, the man who killed his father. Vito gets his revenge that the Don was once afraid of.
    Mama Corleone dies. Fredo and Connie come to the funeral. Connie talks to Michael about seeing Fredo. Michael comes in and hugs Fredo.
    Kay comes and sees her children. Michael shuts the door on her as she stands waiting for a hug from Anthony.
    Hyman Roth is killed at the airport. Pentangeli is killed in his bathtub. Al shoots Fredo out in the boat.
    The movie ends with a flashback to a suprise birthday party for Vito Corleone. Everyone at the dinner table meets Carlo for the first time. Sonny talks about the saps and japs. Michael says that he enlisted in the marines. The movie then ends with Michael sitting at the table alone and then sitting in a park by himself, looking lost and unsure about life.
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