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The Godfather Plot Outline
   The first movie in The Godfather Trilogy begins with Vito Corleone (Brando) accepting visitors to his offer who ask for favors of him and his political power. Vito can't refuse any of these favors because it is sicillian tradition not to refuse on the day of your daughter's wedding. It just so happens that on this day his daughter Connie (Shire) is getting married to Carlo.
     Excitement begins as legendary singer Johnny Fontane shows up all the way from California to sing at the wedding for Connie. Johnny Fontane is godson to Vito Coreleone and has also come to ask a favor. Fontane says his voice is going and that he needs a role in an upcoming movie directed by Woltz. The director however won't let him have this part, and he asks Vito to get him this part.
    Tom Hagen (Duvall), the family lawyer, is sent to Hollywood to meet with Woltz. Woltz still says no to Johnny starring in the movie. Woltz however has Tom over for dinner and tells him he can do anything for Corleone but give Johnny this part. Woltz also shows Tom his prize $600,000 horse. Tom leaves and says he must tell Don Corleone (Vito) about this bad news. Woltz wakes up the next day with the head of his prize horse, he gives Johnny the part.
    Solozzo, known as a top narcotics agent comes to meet with Vito and his family to discuss a new deal. Sonny (Caan) and Tom say they should get into the business because it is the thing of the future. The Don refuses narcotics though saying that the politicians he carries in his pocket wouldn't be friendly to him if they knew his business was drugs. Vito now sends Luca Brazi to the Tataglias (another mob family) to investigate Solozzo. Luca is killed.
    With Luca (the main bodyguard) out of the way, an assasination attempt on Vito takes place while he is buying fruit with his son Fredo. Michael, the youngest son who is away (Pacino), reads about the shooting in the paper and returns home to be with the family.
    With Vito not well enough to take care of family business, the oldest son Sonny is put in charge, with Tom's assistance. Michael, who is not involved with the family, goes to the hospital to visit his family. The guards had left the hospital so Vito could be killed and Michael immediately takes action and questions Captain McCluskey. The captain punches Michael in the face.
   Michael comes up with a plan of his own, shoot Solozzo and the captain when they meet. Sonny and Clemenza laugh, but Tom listens and says it might work. Clemenza gets Michael a gun and tells him exactly what to do.
    One of the climaxes in the movie is the scene where Michael meets with Solozzo and the captain. He comes out of the bathroom with a planted gun and shoots them both. He now is banished from America and sent overseas till everything settles.
    The Don returns home from the hospital.
     Michael travels to the city Corleone with his two bodyguards. Here, he lies eyes upon Apollonia. He then runs into her angry father and requests her hand in marriage. He agrees and they marry.
    Meanwhile, in New York, the relationship of Connie and Carlo is not going well and this upsets Sonny very much. He beats up Carlo once after seeing Connie's black eye and warns Carlo that he will kill him if he touches her again. He does beat her up again with a belt and Sonny goes to kill him but is brutally murdered at the toll station.
    Vito is upset with Sonny's murder, as he was next in line for the family business. Vito and Tom arrange a meeting of the five families to agree on peace and the narcotics business.
    In Corleone, Michael teacher Apollonia to drive. One of the bodyguards rigs the car and Apollonia is murdered.
     Michael returns home and sees Kay and asks for her hand in marriage. Michael is put in charge of the family by Vito. The family takes a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada to negotiate buying a hotel and casino from Moe Green.
    Kay tells Michale that Connie and Carlo want him to be godfather to their child.
    Vito plays with his grandson, Anthony (Micael's son), in the tomato garden. Vito passes out and dies.
    Connie and Carlo's son(played by young Sofia Coppola, daughter of Director Francis Ford Coppola, who also appears in The Godfather Part III) is baptised. While Michael is denouncing Satan and his works during the baptism, he has the heads of the other families shot. It is a very ironic scene. Michael is renouncing Satan and planning murder at the same time.
    Michael has Carlo killed, which angers Connie, and makes Kay question Michael's family business. The movie ends with people kissing Michael's hand just like they used to do with Vito. The last words in the movie are "Don Corleone" which someone calls Michael.
    The Godfather is considered the best movie of all time by some and is in the Top 10 of many peoples' and movie reviewers lists. The movie was nominated for many academy awards and spawned two successful sequels. I rate the movie a definite ten and would love to read a review or ranking from you.
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