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Godfather is rated R for language and violence. Here is a breakdown of swearing, sex references and violence.
A**: 7
B****: 6
Ba*****: 3
G** D***: 6
D***: 2
H***: 3
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Total: 27, but no "F" Word
Sex Scenes
Sonny has sex at the wedding, no nudity
Apollonia takes off dress after wedding, brief top nudity for five seconds
Racial Coments
1 "N" Word
1 Joke later in movie about "the colored folk"
Choking Deaths: 2
Gunshot Scenes: 8
Bloody/Violent Images: 7
Car Explosion: 1
Fights: 3
Dead Horse Head
Death Count
Chris's Evaluation

Swearing (27) is not as bad as it could be, mainly swering by Sonny (James Caan). No "F" word used in the entire movie. Sex and racial references are very mild. Brief top nudity for five seconds. The main reason for the R rating is gunshots and bloody violent images. Seventeen People are murdered or die of other causes in the movie, not too high, not too low for a mob movie.
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