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106 Minutes
PG-13 for language and mild gang violence
Directed by: Brian Robbins
Starring:  Keanu Reeves
              Diane Lane
              D.B. Sweeney
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   Connor O'Neil (Reeves) never would of imagined coaching a team of little leaguers from the "projects". He is offered $500 a week to coach the Kekambas. Connor is a gambler in the world of Chicago sports, mainly the Bulls.
    Connor is in debt with several people and has to take the job to slowly pay off his debts. He earns this money through coaching these kids. He also learns a couple of life lessons through the kids.
    An excellent family comedy. The kids on the team make the movie worth seeing and fun for kids to watch.
    I will not spoil the movie but warn you that it ends sad, so be prepared for an emotional ride.
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Chris's Rating (of 10): 8
Box Office Report (7/6/03)

US Opening Weekend: $9,386,342 (Sep. 16, 2001)

Total US Gross: $40,219,708

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