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The Outsiders
91 Minutes
PG for mild language, and brief violence/fighting
Directed by: Francis Ford Coppola

Starring: C. Thomas Howell
             Matt Dillon
             Ralph Macchio
             Patrick Swayze
             Rob Lowe
             Emilio Estevez
             Tom Cruise

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   Francis Ford Coppola adapted the classic novel by S.E. Hinton and brought it to the silver screen. The Outsiders tells the story of teenagers in Tulsa in 1966. There are two types of kids, socs and greasers. Soc's have money, cars, and more importantly a future and a place in the world. Greasers on the other hand have no future, just their other greaser friends, and a dream that someday they will belong.
    Two young greasers, Johnny (Macchio) and Ponyboy (Howell), stand up to some older socs. They will pay a price though. They are beat up and Ponyboy is dunked under a fountain several times. Johnny makes a decision that will change the way people look at greasers and socs, and will change Johnny and Ponyboy's life forever.
    I will not spoil the movie, and tell you what the decision is. The movie travels through life as a greaser through these two boys and some of their friends. It tells of family life, friends, and relationships with socs.
    I highly recommend this movie. With first performances with some of todays stars, Lowe, Estevez, Cruise, and Swayze, it proves to be a breakthrough role for many.
Chris's Rating (of 10): 9
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