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120 Minutes
Rated R for strong language and war violence.
Information on the making of the movie
Click here for Platoon's Rating Content, which includes a breakdown of swearing and violence in the film.
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Directed and Written by: Oliver Stone
Plot Summary

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Starring:  Charlie Sheen
              William Dafoe
              Tom Berenger
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   Platoon is the excellent written piece on the Vietnam War by Oliver Stone. Stone served in the war and retold several of his personal triumphs through this film.
    The film centers around Chris Taylor (Sheen) and his fellow troop. Taylor's two comanding officers (Dafoe and Berenger) take sides against each other and split the troop into a civil war, half with each commanding officer.
    Taylor had a future and part of a college education, many of his fellow troop didn't. They question why he dropped out of college to join the war effort. Taylor does have second thoughts about this once he gets there.
    This is just a brief summary, see the plot summary for a complete outline of the movie.
    I rate the movie a 9.5, being just shy of perfect. The movie does a wonderful job of character buildup of Sheen, Dafoe, and Berenger. The was sequences are excellent and very realistic.
Chris's Rating (of 10): 9.5
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Academy Award Winners-1986

Best Picture
Best Director
Best Film Editing
Best Sound
Academy Award Nominations-1986

Best Supporting Actor-Dafoe
Best Supporting Actor-Berenger
Best Screenplay
Best Cinematography
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