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1982 Rocky III
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99 Minutes
PG for mild language and boxing violence
Directed by: Sylvester Stallone
Starring:   Sylvester Stallone
               Talia Shire
               Burt Young
               Carl Weathers
               Burgess Meredith
               Hulk Hogan
               Mr. T
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Rocky III
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   Rocky Balboa, now heavyweight champion of the world, fights his way defending his title ten consecutive times. Rocky has glamour and endorsements as Philadelphia's own.
   Clubber Lang (Mr. T) challenges Rocky, who announces his retirement, but with Lang publicly taunting him, he feels it necessary to fight. Clubber Lang viciously KOs Rocky.
    Rocky realizes he has lost his edge and hangs up his gloves. His once rival Apollo Creed helps Rocky regain the "eye of the tiger" and fight a rematch against Lang.
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Chris's Rating (of 10): 7.5
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Academy Award Nominations

Best Song for "Eye of the Tiger"
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Box Office Report (7/6/03)

US Opening Gross: $16,015,408 (May 31,1982)

US Gross: $122,823,200

US Rentals: $66,263,000
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