My favorite couple on Roswell Michael and Maria's relationship has got comedy, angst, and some very sweet lines. Michael may not always say his feelings out loud and their relationship may not be as dreamy as Maria may want it to be, but ya gotta love these two together.

"You've got that whole look into my eyes soul mate thing." Will Michael ever look at Maria that way?

1000 Oceans
Sequel to Mirrorball. Michael tells Maria good-bye.

Thousands of Lighthouses
(Post Destiny) Maria contemplates about what Michael said to her.

Painted On My Heart
Sequel to Thousands of Lighthouses. Michael is trying to forget Maria.

~Before Sunrise~
Crossover M&M/Before Sunrise
What if Max never saved Liz? After highschool Michael ends up meeting Maria on a chance encounter in a train while traveling through Europe.
Chapter One Before Sunrise
Chapter Two Getting It Back
Chapter Three Fortune's Carousel of Secrets

Human Tendencies
Takes place where the Toy House left off. Maria realizes Michael has human tendencies after all.

Speed Of Love
(Pre Independence Day) And in that one moment Michael was the only real thing in the world to Maria.

Better Than Any Words Could Say
Missing Scene from Independence Day - Maria sings to Michael.

Agent 285's MTV Spring Break
Nympho Nurse Susan is going to attack the alien trio's home planet. Only Agent 285 can save the day!!!

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