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Anita Agnihotri

On Her Way

She never came back from Sinthee bend
On her way to watch the sunset.
She has moved beyond earth and heaven, past the clouds.
With grass anklets on her feet and silver wands
By her head. Who would want to wake her at midnight,
Now that she’s past the travails of our times.
The moonlit woods stretch silky arms,
To call her back — the road is scared.
Come, wash your feet, pleaded Mother,
To hold hands near the bridge waited Father.
So much to catch up with, by the window
Stood Brother. For dear sister who
Just might. Ripples break in the dead of night.
The sky dried its red tresses in the southwest,
A few trees flapped their wings, arms outstretched.
Losing her way in the storm, the innocent one
Sped beyond the realms of sky and sun.
On her way to see the sunset, the evening tide
At Sinthee bend, swept her away into the night.

Translated  by Sarmistha Dutta Gupta


Visualized by MetaNym