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Basudev Sunani


Just because,
along with my friends,
I jumped into the river
near my village
don't take it
for granted that
I know swimming.

Just because I have
at times catapulted a crow
perched on a mango tree
one afternoon,
don't consider me
an ace archer.

If I see a pitiful sight
I can't help crying;
if I see a sword
or a knife
I wet my trousers.

And you prod me
to go to the pandal ?
Wear the crown
and be a king ?

Keep the crown to yourself.
I don't want to be a king.

Even if it's in a play
I will not fight;
even if it is a story
that someone's family
is being ruined,
I cannot smile.

Translated by Rabindra K Swain


Visualized by MetaNym