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Harbhajan Singh

Taking The Tree Along

Alone I am
and so is the dessert
both have to go through each other
smoulder as we in our own fires
we've yet to burn into each other's flames

I wished I might have a dense-like
shade as companion
I pluck out a tree to hold it as an umbrella
it turns dry-and-dead
leaf-after-leaf drops
the dead tree's shade doesn't last long

I'd a tree grown in my soil
lovely it looked and unpaired like me
its shade is like my shadow
that does not perch on my head

My gait gets spirited
the leaves are green
my head emits fragrance
the slumbering birds take off
a dawn springs out of my body
through the desert in fire
I pass like a new morn

The desert says :
plant your seedling in my soil
you've travelled long
time to sit under your own shade

If I pluck out my tree from my soil
it'll go dry and dead
leaf-after-leaf will fall
It'll die before I sit under its shade
Walk shall I along the tree
and remain a moving fragrance
who can rest under the shade of a moving tree

Translated by Gurbachan Singh


Visualized by MetaNym