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Yumlemban Ibomcha Singh


Boy do not return again
Come, come this way.
Are the apple of my eye,
My dream.

When you see this road, red with fire
Do not be troubled,
Come by stepping on fire.
Do not go again
Near that whore
Near that whore, crumbling with disease
Have not you spat
On her face !
Then come this way
Do not return again.
What more need I tell you
Courage's light glow
In your twin eyes.
Do you lust after
Her swelling breasts
Made up to look desirable,
That poisonous body
Wearing fabricated clothes of solidarity ?
Do you think of immersing yourself like the others
Your beautiful life
In her turbid waters ?

You are a star at this moment
And for tomorrow
The early morning sun.
This storm will last only a while,
Come riding this storm.
Tomorrow's dawn
Is waiting for you
Do not go back.

Translated by Robin S. Ngangom 

Visualized by MetaNym