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Mangesh Padgaonkar

The Night Did Not Stop At All

You said— 'Stop', yet
the night did not stop at all
Like unknown birds
in an unknown land
the fleeting touch
of a half-acquainted feather
plaintive, lingering
remained behind...

You said— 'Stop', yet
the night did not stop at all
the sensitive glass of the mist
was breaking, one felt
and through that seen, scattered—
mysterious Japanese fan
with strong coloured pictures...
It opened on the horizon ...
just to melt away...

You said— 'Stop', yet
the night did not stop at all...
the delicate sleep pitcher of the night
filled with the water of dream-Jamuna
was emptied again,
the cowherd maidens of trees
were hidden in the veils of darkness,
I learnt that they were not there !

Both realized
The trees were trees
Old night of branches
and green leaves—
sprouted to drop after ripeness.

Translated by Prabhakar Machwe

Flowers, Birds, You And Me

Flowers I have seen
since my birth…

Their colour
Their fragrance
Rhythm blended
Their dance

Flowers I have seen
Since my birth…

Unexpectedly one day
You came with flowers
Without a word you smiled
Those were wonder hours

Since then their appearance
Was newer and loving for me
Together they all seem
As if they’re smiling for me

Now I love each flower
Just for you
Like those pretty moments
Every flower seems new

Now I have for each flower
Sweet blossomy explanations
They have developed with me
Mysterious hearty relations

Birds I have seen
Since my birth…

Their floating
In the air
Lively smooth
Colorful layer

Birds I have seen
Since my birth…

On that melodious evening
Fortune was in my hands
I was in the sea of joy
Holding your shy hands
A bird was singing
Romantic tune that time
From the deep dark green lands

Now I want every bird
Just for you
Like those touchy moments
Every bird seems new

Now I understand
Birds in a better way
They are beautiful singing parts
Playing in my romantic play.

Translated by Tushar Joshi

Visualized by MetaNym