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Gajanan Madhav Muktibodh

A Single Shooting Star

A single shooting star
A distant star
shoots through the blue of space
Here, someone measures its speed,
records the rise and set.
But nothingness of space,
assumed to blue, must spell
an answer inaccessible.
To stretching scope
eye muscle's strain.

Astronomers describe
its pace and spatial shift;
account for its time concealed
in tunnels of shade.
Yet it tracks only itself,
oblivious to sketch
and sketcher, eye and scope.

With equal speed
another lone star seems
to move across the space
So in moving out of shades
of evil , reining self,
riding the void,
each star
becomes the image
its own fearless offspring---

because of this
I shall put faith in every man,
in every man's son.

Translated from Hindi by James Mauch


Visualized by MetaNym