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Namdeo Dhasal


I have seen him
I have rejected him many a time
My corpse
Travelling from town to town

Stop in this twilight and stand here my girl
A drunk is calling God on the phone
Don't show me
Such mean pity
I'm sure our relationship has lost all its strength
Just shrug it off
You can hack this water to pieces once again

Translated by Dilip Chitre

What More Than This Can Be

What more than this can be the intensity of grief,
This experience has so much made me wander
Along thorny paths.
Along this river the water of desire is flowing
The poison of erect hood is playing on the grass
A dove is dancing on the half-exposed breasts of Ven
The city has wrapped
The clothes of Laser beams around itself
The debaucherous sleep of unchecked power
in the unworldly darkness
I am a common man of this contemporary history
I have put down the head guard out of self-humility
I wish to embrace deeply my innermost being
That will end up the essence,
Do not shed the innocent skin of this grammar
After all this heinous world belongs to human beings
Power is not in words but in the desire
This fever-stricken, exaggerated pretension
Will bother the deep relations
Clear away the self-chosen inhuman path
Seasons come and go
Who are you waiting for?


Visualized by MetaNym