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C. Narayana Reddy


How to endure
this kind of drastic silence ?
It almost resembles death
that is spread over the entire space as a carpet.

The leaves that flutter
and soothe my mind quite often
almost ceased to function now,
Who has stifled their voices ?

The birds that always talk to me
In their twittering language
are not seen any where now;
Who choked their ring tones ?

Do you want me to be static
in this stoic silence and be mute !

My breath will revolt against these deeds
I have not yet transformed as a meditating sage
I am still a poet.

I know perfectly
how to use words
that enchant and invigorate the charm
Of the surroundings!

I am always decrying the blaring sounds
that harm the acoustics,,
but not desired this stowing silence.

I want to preserve the vibrations
that emanate from streams of water
when a pebble is thrown!

Whether it is a form or a sound---
when it moves on in the right direction
cordial chords get ecstatic!

When we equipoise
sound or silence
and manage them perfectly
life stakes move forward in unison !

Translated  by Supani


Visualized by MetaNym