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Abdul Rahman Rahi


Whether my words have meaning tomorrow,
Tomorrowís critics will decide;
But Iíll find the gushing waters eternal
If they relieved you of present pain.

Translated by Trilokinath Raina


Give up questioning your destiny and hope of eternity,
if you can get hold of a few moments, enjoy them.

The much-trodden city road penetrated the dense woods
just as doubts wormed into the, mantle of my faith.
Opening the eyes exposed my dreams to the evil eye.
Many surging vernal breasts became scorched wilderness.
Take a look around and you see a sizzling fair,
Reckon a thought and a lone crow in the void.
The days gone by I longed to create stars,
I rack my brains now to give myself a name.
All beliefs are like withered greenery on the uplands,
All consciousness is like an infuriated serpent.
All gods are mine own shadows,
All monsters like my animated self.
Halls appear to be furnished with the gibberish of monkeys,
Comb the forests to robe saints.
What kind of steering and whither the shore,
The boat is drifting unguided in the dark.
O danseuse, circle round him disrobed.


Visualized by MetaNym