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K. Siva Reddy


One midnight
when all trees are fast asleep, I love to sprinkle water on them
darkness and light blending in water
create a new glow, a new shade.

My timeless time,
thus, with water drops, tree leaves,
child’s eyes dreaming of milk, I worship.
Inside some one plays with the gate all the time,
Above the gate two lamps like two poems
gleam like ripe pomegranates in the gentle breeze
synchronizing with my movement,
pausing with me,
breeze, as a living being, creates its own rhythm.

Not an associate of any thing, I become a major associate
stating I anticipate nothing , I keep expecting
declaring I need nothing ,I desire every thing
dividing the orb into two
I sit comfortably
with the sun on one side ,the moon on the other .

One midnight ,when all the trees are fast asleep
as I am busy collecting and storing water
a poem emerges afresh
having frolicked in water.

Translated by T.S.Chandra Mouli and B.B.Sarojini


Everything keeps on moving
like the supertinent layer of water gently, or gushing
as never earlier the spirit shudders
on the banks of dawn’s lake
breeze, bluish blue like me, flutters
as innumerable silken drapes
I cannot touch
I can notice everything that moves before me
perhaps, with the ecstasy of kisses from
skin bounded gentle breeze I can access
the recess from the tedium of tireless traveling,
the restlessness of incessant agitation on the move only
how does the location matter? Dynamism is in its nature
grief governed bleeding stream its creation
that also with movement only.

Translated by T.S.Chandra Mouli and B.B.Sarojini


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