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Udayan Vajpeyi


Set up the house for a semblance of prosperity. She said or perhaps I heard. Fever me and the day had worn her out. Darkness came over her brow and the rain. There wasn't one morning the guests who hadn't seen us fight. Set up the house for a semblance of prosperity. She would continue the refrain. Water kept boiling uselessly on the stove. It wasn't yet time for the train to arrive. Drunkards were mumbling away on the road. Beggars had already slept on the grimy fringe of the city. The spider wove night on the dark neem. Her voice arose from the kitchen. Look ! the dead lizard runs on the wall ! Up, up our walls are still covered with dust and webs.


Father sat at the other end of the table. In the courtyard there were two moons one red, the other yellow. I reached there running. Brother sat at this end of the table. Exactly twelve years after his death he visited the house now in shambles. I knew where we were, it wasn't. He wasn't transparent before death. For twelve years we had sought him in the hills. He did not seek us. He ate not, spoke not, was not. He returned to the old house as though it wasn't destroyed and he not dead. I ran towards him. My brother vanished. I'm running towards him. he towards me. My brother returns from the skyway with his touch.

And he has returned by the skyroute.


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