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Vaidyanath Mishra 'Yatri'

Blind Life

Blind life !
Thou desireth to measure depths with the stick of fondness
Paths, open spaces,
Khut, khut, khut, khut . . .

Blind life !
Then stand-still
At the crossroads of two eras
Lend intently ears of discrimination
To all sorts, all absurdities.

Blind life !
Placing hands on the shoulders of Lame Hope
Where doth thou goest ?
She sings Batagamani.

Why art thou mum ?
Let thou also take up some refrain !

Blind life !
The touch of the soft fingers of Damsel Peace
Makes thee smile and smile.
Sensations of auspicious fragmentary success
Have filled every nerve with fresh excitement
Every part of the body.

Note : Batagamani : love song of the wayfarer.

Translated by Jayakanta Mishra


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