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Beauty and the Beast (EXT)

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Cinderella (Yukiru)

Sleeping Beauty (Kouzumi/ Mimato)

Untitled Fairytale... A tale of two Angels (Takari)

Anastasia (Jenruki/ Ryouki and Taiora)

A Modern Fairytale (Kouyako/ Yoh/Anna)

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As a child have you never fantasized on the fairytales told to you by your elders and are unscripted into books? I have and until now I enjoy reading about true love though in a different sort of way... I see them in my favorite series and imagine them as those who I fantasized about all this time...

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Needless to say... I've been busy... GOMEN!!!! I will try my best to update more but today I don't really know... I'm already thinking about version 3 but I'm going to do that when this whole thing is renovated and alive for some time... also blame Pokemon Ruby for making me update late... lately I can't stop playing it.


A gift for me??? *faints* but thanks to Glory the webmistress of Forever Jenrya!


We're getting a new printer! ^___^ I can't wait...


WAI!!! It's been such a long time... you won't believe this but someone actually wanted to be my affliate! ^___^ basically that's what I'm supposed to do here...


Been on an updating spree with unbelievable and studied for History exam so just had the time to do this today...


Going to updates on some things again... Don't know what yet.


Going to update some things... I know it...


Made the new lay-out and changed everything... quite happy with the result.

Added Today: Main Lay-out

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