. .Sailor Bastet. .

Sailor Bastet

Character Name(s): Isis Menes / Sailor Bastet

Good or Evil: Good

Age / Birthday: 16 / August 10

Physical Appearance: Tall; long black hair with a gold streak; blue eyes; very pretty

Personality: Isis can be gentle and protective around Royals, yet she is agressive to annoying people and enemies. Can be cold and aloof.

History: Has a lioness guardian, Sekhmet, whom she met as a child. As a child she was selected to be a Senshi to defend the Kingdom and the Solar System. She is the ancestor of Jedite.

Strengths: Catlike agility and strength

Weaknesses: can be air-heady at times

Hobbies: collecting cat stuff

Favorite Color: green, red

Likes / Dislikes: bad guys

Weapon (if one): cross-bow

Attacks: Cat's roar, Fire-bow, Lion maul

Fuku (outfit description): White bodysuit; red bow and skirt; silver tiara; green high-heels; short gloves with green trim.