. .Feral Ice. .

Feral Ice

Character Name(s): Feral Ice

Good or Evil (including any Neutrality): Evil

Age / Birthday: 16 / June 14

Physical Appearance: This animal has the general appearance of a wolf: icy blue eyes and gray and white medium-length hair. It stands 4' 7'' at the withers (shoulders). She uses her appearence to make people think that she is simply a friendly wolf. She is lanky, with streaks of a reddish color all over. Rather pretty. Instead of being dainty, she is muscular and powerful.

Personality: Mean. Just that one word describes her. She is cold all over with the hatred of the world. People sometimes see her loping happily accross a street. This is an illusion. She is not good natured at all.

History: A long time ago she was just a nice little wolf pup whom was raised well by her mother. She was a good hunter and a pretty little thing. She was good-natured, loving, and cuddly. One starry night, she got up and reealized that there was a new scent in the air. She was only a year old at the time and had never smelled a human. She ran though the brush, simply curious of what this new scent was. Suddenly, she yelped out in pain as someting caught her foot. It was a steel trap. Her family never saw her again. After this, she became a badly abused pet. She bit and snapped and snarled at everyone. One day she found her way out of there and was delighted when a fairy named Dazzlie told her that there was a way out of this: if she could gain the remains of all of the Sailor Soldiers. This wolf had forgotten how to be nice and just figured that all humans were that mean. She would not let anyone convince her differently. So she went on, with her new powers that the fairy had given her, with the help of her fast feet and sharp teeth. She would kill all of the Soldiers of Light, or die doing it.

Strengths: Sharp teeth; big, quick feet; bone-crushing jaw; attacks; thick neck fur

Weaknesses: If someone attacks from behind; her fragile paws and muzzle; her fear of guns

Hobbies: Hunting, running, day-dreaming, hanging out on the streets.

Likes / Dislikes: Other wolves,drawings,stories, puppys, cats / birds, dogs, people, chains, guns, squerrels.

Weapon (if one): None


Icy Fire Eyes Stun!
Looks the victim straight in the eye. They are suddenly blasted with neon light which stuns everyone within 15 feet of her.

Fire Wolf Ball Blast!
From in between the wolf's back and tail, a fireball is made. At the word 'blast', it shoots out to wherever the tip of the tail is pointing to and hits the enemy hard; some will bleed, some will choke, and some will lay still for a minute. This depends on what the character wants that has gotten hit.